Moderate walks in Ardnamurchan

Moderate walks in Ardnamurchan

There is such a diverse range of walking routes in the area, it's hard to pick our favourites, but these are our top 3 moderate-level walks.

1. Ben Hiant

Length: 4.4km (2.75 miles). Terrain: grassy path. Estimated time to complete: 2-3 hours.

The rugged profile of Ben Hiant dominates the northern shore of Loch Sunart and its make up covers everything from wet heathland and lofty grassland to rocky crags. It’s this diversity that won it an SSSI for its geological features and its flora species and makes this walk a great activity for anyone with an interest in geology and botany.

Although Ben Hiant is a truly commanding presence in the skyline, the ascent to the summit doesn’t involve a huge amount of scrambling, making the trail accessible to moderate-level walkers and those who enjoy a hike. When you reach the summit, you will be able to appreciate breath-taking views of the isles of Mull and Skye, Loch Sunart and Loch Teacius, Mingary Castle and the hills of Morvern. The route is a gentle ascent along a clear path with a handful of steep scrambling sections and a few boggy sections, too.

2. Glenborrodale Nature Trail

Length: 2.6km (1.6miles). Terrain: steep path. Estimated time to complete: 1 hour.

This is a lovely walk through woodland that comes out onto the heathland on the north shore of Loch Sunart. The path is well-trod and has good footing, but the steep ascents and descents, with the occasional muddy section, makes this trail a little more challenging that some of the easy walks. Although, it’s certainly worth the extra effort, as Glenborrodale is the RSPB’s most westerly reserve and it boasts both excellent birdwatching opportunities as well as panoramic views over Loch Sunart. Look out for golden eagles and merlins on the hills, skylarks, warblers and flycatchers in the woods and oyster catchers and sandpipers on the coastal mudflats of the loch.

3. Fairy Walk through The Community Woodland

Length: 6.9km (4.3miles). Terrain: off-road and on-road. Estimated time to complete: 2-3 hours.

This walk covers a variety of terrains, both on and off road and boasts superb views of Loch Sunart and Scotstown’s landscape throughout. You’ll stroll leisurely along the banks of the peaceful Strontian river, up into the surrounding hills and through woodlands in Strontian. As such, you’ll quite a lot of ground on this route, hence why we consider it a moderate-level walk.

The Community Woodland is a policy woodland that was planted by the Riddle family in the 1800’s and was originally designed to show off their family wealth and importance. Now, nearly 120 years on, the woodland hosts over 60 exotic and native species of tree, including firs, spruces, pines and monkey puzzle.

When you reach the village, it’s the perfect point on the walk to pause for a picnic on one of the viewpoint benches, or have a coffee and cake or lunch in the local café.

A walk doesn’t always need to be difficult to be enjoyable, so also try some of our easy walking routes, or really push your limits and courageously try a challenging walk.

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Top tips for walks

  1. Take walking boots - even in summer the ground can be muddy.
  2. Stay on the path - to avoid damaging natural habitats or trespassing on private land.
  3. Stay hydrated - take a bottle of water with you.
  4. Pack some plasters! - a basic first aid kit may come in handy.
  5. Take your time and pace yourself - especially if you’re a beginner.